Sunday, June 28, 2009


We've upgraded our digs.
Come join us at our new location,

Stella and Caryn
Eikon Photography

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A gorgeous engagement session with beautiful Teri and her fiancé, Jim, a native Scotsman. We had no idea he was going to show up in his kilt! A stunning couple so very much in love.

Babies, Bellies, and Bloomers!

Meet the Eieslands: Ben, Ryan, Lorna, and Baby Girl on the way! We wanted to capture the sun and all of it's glory during this specific photo session. God definitely let his light shine through the clouds to display the essence and the beauty he has created amongst us. We were on location where Ben & Ryan's friends host a lot of church youth group events. We loved the outfits Lorna wore: bloomers, bows, and all!

Lil' Blue Eyes...

Let me introduce you to Winston. Isn't his eyes to die for? This charming little guy came out greeting us soon as we stepped out of the car! Many thanks go to Julee for riding out on her bike to save us from the depths of Cameron Park's backroads! This photo session was one to remember. The weather for the past few days has been super cloudy which is perfect for photos, however, the sun came shining out early that morning which caused a bit of a challenge! Although, we successfully defeated the blazing light from above and had a fun time doing it!