Sunday, December 31, 2006

Another Jaden Appearance

So I finished up my blog post yesterday congratulating little Jaden on her appearance in Parents Magazine and opened up my Pottery Barn Kids catalog to see two pictures of her there. Girl, you're one busy model! We're proud of you!

Corinne Takes "Miss Photogenic"

Big congratulations goes out to one of our most beautiful clients, Corinne, as she took the prize for most photogenic at her first ever pageant in Northern California! She was SO much fun to shoot since seriously, we didn't have to do a thing but snap away! We love these kinds of shoots where it just happens naturally and no matter what's going on, they just look amazing! Congratulations girl, we're proud of you!

Jaden is famous!

Well we had the awesome priviledge of shooting Jaden and her brother Jake for a cover shoot back in the summer of 2006 for Foothills and Folsom Family Values magazines. Jaden's been busy modeling for some time so she's an old hat at this (at 3 years old!) but it was a first for me, working with a pro. I get a little magazine each month called Parents and who was in the ol' mag' but little Jaden and big brother Jake!! I didn't take the picture or have a darn thing to do with anything but it felt so cool to see their little faces right there on the pages of a big time publication! Here is Jaden, as we shot her in the summer:

And then here's the big publication in Parents November 2006 issue on page 227:

You GO girl!