Friday, December 14, 2007

When the location doesn't matter

In real estate, their sell line is often "location, location, location." I've thought so many times that this is true of photography, too. I mean that type of location where the leaves are just red and yellow enough and the water is so blue you cannot look away and when the grass is trimmed just perfectly to not distract from the beauty of the child you're photographing. Then we began playing with greater, wider depths of field, meaning the background is thrown out of focus by having our lenses wide, wide open. And then ANY place became a potentially perfect place to shoot pictures!

Here are a few recent examples. When we arrived at this location as the sun was quickly setting, we first imagined ourselves frolicking through the creekbed to capture some fun fall water and tree shots... but the sun was hidden by the trees so as I looked around, I found this dead tree hanging over the old crumbling asphalt and some old, wilting yellow-brown leaves off in the distance. I called out to the kids, "hey, come over here. Don't worry about what's all around you, just talk with me over here!!" Their mom looked at me like, "so you think NOW is the time to play around with your camera, the sun is setting and we just don't have time for that ugly place!"

And then we wanted all three of these cuties together so we quickly plopped them down on a picnic table with the parking lot and baseball diamond and cars all behind them. It looked so terrible without any depth of field!
We did get some by the creek bed, too!

Now here, we were in a home that was full of Christmas decorations all over the floors and furniture as the family was in the midst of hanging their festive items all around the house. What would have been a terribly "busy" and unattractive backdrop for a picture turned out to be a fun play with color and shapes off in the fuzzy distance.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Beautiful Strangers

I was out with family and friends today and ran into this most beautiful family. After snapping a shot of these amazing girls, the parents asked if I'd snap a family shot for their holiday cards. How could I resist capturing such a gorgeous family?! I'm off duty for the rest of the month so I'm posting these straight out of camera... and with the new camera we just got... they should do just fine! ;)

Now to find their email address so I can let them know where their images are!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Rachel's Little Man

Here are a few of Rachel's (our adoption mag model's) little man. He's a sweetie pie and super cute to boot!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving with Family

We spent Thanksgiving in SF with my family. My cousin's husband is a photographer in SF and we traded services. It was fun to shoot in SF and with a Canon (which is not my normal equipment). Next Thanksgiving we'll have another cousin to add to the mix, although you'd never know it by how itty bitty she is!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just Making it in Time!

So we're off for the next several days... the first break we've allowed ourselves since we've been blessed with all this holiday rush! But I (Caryn) had to finish a few posts first! Thanks to everyone who let us hang out with them for their holiday portrait sessions! This has been the most fun year yet. We are so grateful for all of your support and kind letters and calls and especially your patience as we go through this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Caryn and Stella

Anyone that saw our post for one of our gorgeous seniors will remember her again here... with her family!! This was the most laughing I've seen at a photo shoot in some time... and you all know if you've ever had a session just how much fun it can be! ;)

Here's one of our new friends we met while doing fall pictures for a local preschool... her family decided to get all the kids in on the fun a couple weeks later! This sweet girl really wanted to be one of our interns while we were working at the school... so we'll be watching her closely and we'll just see what we can do in a couple more years!

And then again, here are some more new friends... aren't they SO cute??!! Have fun in Boston!

I haven't forgotten about you!

We got so busy all at once and some shoots were getting pushed through before getting any highlight in the blog... and I know this mom checks the blog often so this is for you!!!

Happy First Birthday, J!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Adoption Special

Eikon wanted to take a little diversion from our normal posts to promote a subject that is near and dear to our hearts. This past summer we were approached by our good friend and graphic designer extraordinaire, Rebekah Tennis ( to shoot the cover for an adoption magazine that she was hired to design called “Lifetime”. We jumped at the opportunity! On a universal level as well as a deeply personal level, this really meant something to each of us. Stella just adopted her first child in April and the opportunity to support both adoption and more practically, an adoption organization was an unexpected, joyful way we could give back. We reached out to Rachel, a friend who was pregnant at the time, and asked her to model for us (Baby J portraits to follow). Rachel has also been touched by adoption as she has beautiful adopted siblings who were a part of this amazing process. Rachel graciously agreed and we went off for a few hours to get a cover shot. This is the end result (front and back).

There will be 70,000 magazines distributed in doctor’s offices, crisis pregnancy centers and Planned Parenthoods across the US. We pray that mothers who are considering abortions will be encouraged to consider adoption instead. Even though the road may be difficult, we know that God can do amazing things in the lives of birth moms, adopted children and adoptive parents. I know that Eric and I have been immeasurably blessed and our lives have been unbelievably enriched by our child. Since the shoot, Rebekah and her husband started the process of adopting internationally. We’re praying that they can bring a baby home before the end of the year! The best Christmas present EVER.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The 50th Post!

Ok, this may be about the last day we will get out of our favorite fall location. We worked every angle today in full sun for this sweet family! This is a follow up to a maternity session we had about 7 months ago so here's introducing baby S, now 6 months old! (Oh, and if you got out here to see this before I got an email out to you Eric or Cindy, your whole proof set is at our site at in the client proofs section. Just use your baby's first name as the password!)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Family Photos

October is our busiest month and for good reason! The colors outside are unbelieveable. We recently photographed each other's families. Here are a few of our favorites. There are a lot of images but I can't resist those little faces!