Monday, March 30, 2009

Senior Drive by Ballooning

So we were out on location yesterday having SUCH a great time with Shelby. Hair, makeup and clothes styling by our favorite, Cori Mensing of Studio Moxie. Intern Jordan came along to show off her new shootsac AND give her new equipment a drive for this pro shoot. I always love having Jordan with us because she's about as goofy as I am! We are like two kids goofing around out there... oh, wait, she IS a kid! I don't have any excuse.

Anyway, while we were getting some awesome "fierce face" shots ~ Shelby can look fierce AND beautiful at the same time (can someone please teach me how to do that without looking constipated! I am so envious.) ~ we got attacked. Actually, Shelby got attacked. Yes, in Placerville ~ Someone threw a water balloon at her. But did she lose her cool? Lose her pretty fierce face? No way, not a pro like her! It was such a great shoot in spite of it. Next time we shoot in Placerville, we'll be taking pictures of all the cars' license plates so beware, bad guys! No more drive by bombing to go unanswered.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Senior Study

How beautiful can this senior be? Seriously. We love seeing Corinne at work at Caffe' Santoro and how cute she is steaming up lattes and serving bagel sandwiches... but then we get SUCH a thrill to see how Cori styles our seniors and sends them out on location with our team. She looked amazing!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Major Cuteness

Eric and I went to visit our friends in Chico and I couldn't help but snap a few of their little one. He's charming and sweet. I suspect he will break a few hearts in his lifetime!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Cover Model is...

The talented and witty and endearing and charming stylist, Cori Mensing, from Studio Moxie here in the foothills of Northern California! The restaurant: I Love Teriyaki & Sushi... amazing food, wonderful team of chefs and servers. You really must go and try their sushi. It is some of the best I've had. All of you in El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park should have received this in your mail boxes this week... DON'T throw this mag out! It has some wonderful savings in there on the places you go all over town! Free coffees, free food, discounts on all kinds of useful services! Oh, and free pictures with Eikon Photography! ;)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Senior Shoots Back in Session!

Ok, it is cold and rainy but there is no better time to get out and get pictures than on an overcast, "looks like it's gonna rain" kind of day! I know many of you seniors are waiting for the sun but we say get out there now, while the lighting is good! Here are a few of my (Caryn's) favorites from a shoot we had downtown Sacramento with Linds. Stella and I shot together since we both adore this girl and simply love shooting together when we can.

I think the last shots of her with the coat and brick wall look like Lindsay College Girl, off to The Masters College in the Fall!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Senior Rep Cards

So we've got to thank our senior reps for telling everyone about Eikon Photography! All of your rep cards are on their way and we'll be sending them out to you as they arrive. From Stella, Jordan, Ashley and I... thank you for making us look good!!