Sunday, August 06, 2006

Big Sister and Her Quadruplets

So I guess we're on to something really amazing. We just met this amazing family with 5 children, all in diapers! You got it, 5 kids, 2 years old and younger. Four of them are just 5.5 months old - quadruplets! I'm an identical twin so in my childhood years while participating in Twins Club Int'l, I met my share of multiples but it still amazes me every time I meet more of them! I'm drawn to the individuality between babies born at the same time and this group was no exception. Three girls and one boy. What a group! And the real joy was to watch their older (barely older at only 2 years old!) sister interact with them. You'll see what I mean when you see this image:

Could that be any more precious?! And we managed to capture one image of all 4 of these miracle human beings looking right at me at the same time. What a moment behind the camera that was!

And now here's big sis, shining her lil' 2 year old smile for the camera. Who says 2 year olds don't sit still? Ok, well this one one of many hundred shots, but she's working it! Thanks little guys for the fun photo shoot! Let's do this again soon!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Totally Individual Triplets

That's right. They're triplets. Totally different and unique and an amazingly individual threesome. These miracles are just over a year old and they were a joy to follow around a campsite to capture they're little smiles (and tears!). This wasn't a photoshoot by any means. It was a weekend with wonderful friends. But who could pass up the opportunity to freeze those personalities forever?